Artist Statement

I spend much of my time in countries across Africa and Asia, working for NGOs, editorials, or making my own work. Many of these countries used to be colonised by the country I'm from, or at least by one of the European powers. Much of the wealth and privilege I was born into is inexticably tied with the people in these images.

Of course this form of official colonisation doesn't exist anymore, yet there is still an imbalance of power. On many of the long journeys I had in NGO land cruisers and other assorted vehicles I shot constantly out or through the windows at passersby, mainly to keep myself occupied.

Am I being instrusive, doing what I want without taking permission, just as my ancestors did over a hundred years ago? "Street photography" takes on a different meaning when you're zooming by in a moving vehicle. Many are not aware that I've even shot them. But some catch my gaze, fully aware of this power imbalance. They aren't given another option, just like their ancestors.

In wanting to be critical of this, this series also becomes hypocritical. Just like the powers that be.

All photographs shot between 2009-2017.