Tom Bradley

Part V
Chandrakala Majhi, 49

“My name is Chandra Kala. I am currently taking medicine for leprosy and I wish to get cured soon. (This was written by Malati, the daughter of Chandra Kala Majhi).”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Muluk Chandra Rajbanshi

“The LPEP program is very good. This program should be given continuity. The hidden suspected people can be found easily with the help of this program.”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Rameswor Kamait, 65

“I am deeply sad because I have leprosy. But I wish to get cured soon. And I pray for others so that they might now get the disease. (My name is Bindeswor, I am the eldest son of Rameswor Kamait)”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Umesh Bhujel, 13

“My name is Umesh. My brother had leprosy first, and now I am affected by it. But now I am taking the medicine and I am getting cured. These are the drawings made by me. I love drawing.”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Sharda Sigdel, 46

“I went to several places to find out about the disease but after 5 years, it was diagnosed as leprosy in a nearby health post. And it’s a free treatment, I got assurance that it will be cured if medicine is taken regularly. There is nothing to be worried about.”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Bikram Bhattarai, 18

“My name is Bikram. I am studying in grade 11. I got this disease from my friend. At first I did not believe that I have this disease but now I am taking the medicine and I am starting to feel changes taking place in my body.”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Krishna Devi Pokhrel, 68

“Good things happened to me and I want good things to happen to my family and neighbours. This LPEP program should provide protection to other communities too. (written by Tara, Krishna niece)"
    Tom Bradley Part V
Milan Bhattarai, 22

“I am Milan Bhattarai, a leprosy affected person. I was unconscious for a week due to the drug reactions. I felt that it would have been better if I was dead after I woke up. But this is not a big disease and it will surely be cured if treated.”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Firoza Khatun, 60

I made a polaroid of Firoza, but she is illiterate and the only person in her family able to write was at school that day, and no-one else present (there was a gathering of about 20) was literate either. So the polaroid has been left blank. It’s very difficult to have a voice without education.
    Tom Bradley Part V
Bishewor Halwai, 71

“I am happy with the program. I am ready to get suggestions from the health post if there is any more conerns regarding leprosy. (Writer: Bisheswor’s son, Bikram).”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Lovely Miya, 18

“I am getting more scars on my face. My body hurts, it feels hot and weak. I want to me and my other four family members to get well as fast as possible after completing the treatment.”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Khemraj Sigdel, 32

“My name is Khemraj Sigdel. I was diagnosed as leprosy during the LPEP program. I want this program to reach every village and make people aware about it, and I would tell people that it is a disease that can be cured.”
    Tom Bradley Part V
Rohit Bastola, 61

“I am thankful, people from all over came together to organise the LPEP survey program at my home. It was very difficult ages before, but there is medicine for the disease now and I am taking it. I wish this program will help prevent spreading of the disease. (Jiwan, Rohit Bastola’s son as the writer)”